The Grace of Giving
The Grace of Giving brings the benefits of Christian financial and material giving to light and provides specific biblical answers to the many facets of this subject. It shows the Christian what God will do for him or her if the dynamic principles of abundant sharing are closely followed.  Biblical support is provided for each topic.  The clear cut information that follows will enable any Christian to better understand this issue, and most importantly, follow God’s Will regarding sharing of their own abundance and reap the benefits by so doing. 

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Super Christian Conqueror
“Super Christian Conqueror”

The Super Christian Conqueror is the Christian who has accepted who he is in Christ and seeks to understand the spiritual battle raging about him.  He is actually a Christian warrior, one who is ready for battle at any time.  Today's Christians are generally weak, powerless, and defeated spiritually. Sure they have material goods, nice paychecks and pretty houses.  But they have little to no understanding of the true nature of the spiritual battle in which they are embedded.

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